Information is the lifeblood of the modern business environment. In today’s information centric world, we need the right tools to manage and control information. Every organization must find a way to manage its information assets in order to deliver business performance and meet compliance requirements.

Most organizations struggle to manage their multiple information systems – network drives, databases, electronic content management (ECM) and physical records systems. Each system needs it’s own control toolsmetadata; controlled vocabularies, taxonomies, retention schedules etc. to support their operational, regulatory, legal, risk, and environmental requirements.

a.k.a.® software is purpose built to manage all of the control tools an organization needs –within a coordinated information governance framework. Only a.k.a.® delivers a holistic and multi-dimensional approach to managing information governance requirements.

a.k.a.® software is fully customizable to cater for each organization’s unique needs. It is extensible and scalable, and can easily accommodate new requirements. There is no limit to the range of controls that you can build in a.k.a.® such as taxonomies, thesauri, ontologies, synonym rings, glossaries, metadata models, retention schedules, legislation registers, data maps, records inventories, and many more control structures.

a.k.a.® can import and export data into multiple information systems with a comprehensive suite of data exchange tools. a.k.a.® exchanges using generic formats XML, TXT and CSV enabling deployment into eCM systems such as Documentum, FileNet, Interwoven, Objective and Open Text. Direct connect integration enables data exchange with MS Windows, SharePoint and HP TRIM information systems. Plus a.k.a.® provides a range of publishing tools enabling customizable reporting and publishing to the web.

Easy to use, a.k.a.® is designed for non-technical users – librarians, knowledge managers, records managers, taxonomists, business analysts. a.k.a.® will enable you to develop complex structures for information systems without the need to call for IT specialists. Whatever the information governance task, it’s easier with a.k.a.®

You can experience a.k.a.® in many ways – download a brochure, view on You Tube, view a Prezi demonstration, click on an online scheme produced from a.k.a.® or download an evaluation copy.

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