Taxonomy and thesaurus builder

Effective RIM taxonomies are carefully designed arrangements of terms (metadata) generally custom built to fit a particular environment.  How terms are arranged in a taxonomy is generally based on the content management environment – taxonomies can be simple lists or hierarchies used for searching and/or browsing, or can be more complex arrangements that support a range of information governance processes such as access, privacy and records retention.

a.k.a.® delivers the means for organizations to build a multiplicity of taxonomies and controlled vocabularies by combining entities and relationships in many different ways including:

  • Lists
  • Hierarchies
  • File plans
  • Business classification schemes
  • Thesauri
  • Data maps
  • Entity models
  • Organizational structures
  • Workflows and processes

a.k.a.® enables construction of business classification schemes in accordance with ISO 15489 Records Management DIRKS Methodology. These can then be linked in a.k.a.® to other information management controls such as retention rules, records types, legislation and stakeholder requirements.

a.k.a.® manages every aspect of taxonomy development and significantly reduces time and effort:

  • Importing legacy data
  • Creating and editing terms and entities
  • Linking terms and entities
  • Testing schemes for integrity
  • Seeking approval through reporting and publishing online
  • Deploying and utilizing into a vast range of information management systems.

A proven leader in information governance a.k.a.® is used by over 350 organisations worldwide.

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